When will I be able to sign up for the competition ?

The subscription for 2018's competition is just around the corner !

When is the PreRegistration deadline ?

We always announce that once we open PreRegistrations. If the spots are limited, the PreRegistration closes automatically when all spots are taken.

When is the payment deadline ?

The payment deadline will be announced once the payment process is activated for your competition! Always keep an eye on the Team's page. We will also inform you on the facebook page when it opens. Please note that any preRegistered team failing to pay before due date will be eliminated.

Will i get a refund if i fail during the homologation phase ?

While the homologation team won't reject a participant's robot unless the robot itself does not conform to the major specification rules, you will not get refunded for failing this step as it is considered like any other step of the competition. Note that you will still be eligible to receive your participation certificate at the end of the day

What happens if I don't pay the fees for my preregistered team ?

After the payment deadline, any preRegistered team that hasn't payed the fees will be eliminated as if it was never subscribed!

What should I do if my question is not listed in the F.A.Q section ?

You can always contact us to ask about anything related to the competition :) Don't be shy!

Who can participate in this competition ?

Anyone who loves the field of robotics is eligible for registration. There is no age/profession restriction.